The sharing of tales around the dining table is part of the sensory alchemy that turns fine ingredients into great culinary experiences

Michelin-starred Kai Mayfair has infused rich Chinese cooking tradition with the innovative energy of its home city, London, for nearly 30 years. With the opening of Kai’s Songbird, this creativity takes flight for the first time, bringing a new culinary song to Doha. 

On the ground floor of the Corinthia Yacht Club, Kai’s Songbird calls to a new audience of songbirds — guests who come to sing their own stories in this unique space. Menus of liberated Nanyang cooking combine heritage and bold creativity, redefining modern Chinese cuisine. 

And the sensory journey continues through verdant, natural surroundings, where conversation and connection become the chorus of life — amid the smell of fresh herbs and sounds of dishes being served and shared.

Good food and stories are the golden threads that connect us in life. At Kai’s Songbird you’ll find a unique dining destination in which to share both — an oasis where inspiration is ignited, and memories made.